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WUC Rugby Sevens 2020


In Tandil where FEDUA’s Volunteer Leaders Academy was held, Emiliano Gordin our WUC Director presented the 9º World University Championship “La Plata 2020”.
In the “Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires” (UNICEN), FeDUA’s Academy received student athletes from more than 20 differents institutions and also four participants from all over America also attended to the Academy.

During two hours Emiliano Gordin explained the participants everything about La Plata 2020: The city, the organizing committee, FeDUA (Argentinian University Sport Federation) and what we do and where we compite, the La Plata Nacional University (UNLP) and their participation during the event, a wide volunteer program, how will they help and everything about it, services to delegations, communication and marketing plan, accommodation, feeding, transport, security, health issues and doping, protocol , all the fields, legacy and education.

The main idea of the talk is to attract young leaders thay may help to run the WUC. They learnt a lot about every area the WUC will need so they can develop theirselves
“It is an excellent place to talk about the WUC. This people here is really keen on what we will do next year. We want to invite and listen to them. Young leaders always have an innovative view and they can really help FeDUA to realize the Championship”, Emiliano claimed.
“This is so big. It is really hard to organize something like this but you are doing it. And we wan to be part of it”, one participant told us before the talk.