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WUC Rugby Sevens 2020


One year left to start the tournament FISU Executive Committee Member Fernando Parente visited La Plata to study the state of progress of the 9th World University Championship ‘La Plata 2020’.

Last Monday was a busy day for the Organizing Committee of the world University Championship that will be held in the Argentinian city next year.

During the morning, Parente visited the National University of La Plata (UNLP). There Martin Lopez Armengol, UNLP’s Vice President of the   Academic Area and ‘La Plata’ 2020 Organizing Committee received FISU’s executive Committee member. 

Later, they visited and observed the hotels that will host the delegations. After midday everybody went to check La Plata Rugby Club, the fundamental facility for the international event. There they walked around the main stadium where the whole competition will take place. The club will also be useful for the training sessions, technical meetings and the closing ceremony.

At the end of the day the Organizing Committee presented the detailed operations plan of the 9th World University Championship FISU Rugby Sevens ‘La Plata 2020’. Emiliano Ojea, FeDUA’s President explained the development and the challenges the federation will face while preparing and hosting the tournament. “This is historical for us. It is the first time we organize a championship and it is very important. Parente’s visit showed us the importance of team working. I do celebrate the involvement of the different academic units of the National University of La Plata, the Argentinian and Buenos Aires Rugby Union (UAR and URBA) and FeDUA’s team that is working really hard to guarantee a professional event. We want to rise to the challenge and do what FISU expect from us in a University Championship”, claimed Ojea.

Emiliano Gordín, Championship Director coordinated the presentation. Inés Gomez, Head of FeDUA’s International Relations explained how the delegation service area will work, key area for the championship and the optimal communication between the participants countries. Gomez also told about medical and security services plan. Javier Orlandoni, showed how the different academic units of UNLP will help to provide resources to improve the areas in the tournament. Tatiana Alonso, explained the plan of the transport area. Leilen Perez Diez, just-arrived from Kazan (she went to FISU Volunteers Leaders Academy 2019) presented the call for volunteers and the whole volunteers plan. Mariano Orlando also FISU Ambassador and currently in charge of FeDUA’s Communication explained the communication plan. Roy Scally talked about marketing area. Andrés Lopez, UNLP Sports Journalism Coordinator cleared up ideas about TV and radio transmissions. By last, Cristian Spinazzolla talked about education and the legacy this championship pretend to offer to La Plata and Argentina.

Lalo Galan URBA and UAR representative and Guillermo Pujol FeDUA’s Rugby Manager also attended the meeting. Galan told the attendees that the championship will take place the same dates than the rugby match between Los Pumas and the All Blacks.